Petroglyph Park – St. George, Utah

Petroglyph Park 2Summary:  A park short on “park” but two rocks are present with petroglyphs.  City of St. George information.

Directions:  Located in the Bloomington residential area of St. George.  Map link available at City of St. George information link.

There are basically two rocks at this site fenced off with natural foliage on a corner in the middle of a residential area.  You can throw one of your kids from the fence to the rocks on which the petroglyphs can be found (I don’t recommend kid throwing, by the way).  Don’t expect any amenities at this “park”.   I did find some of the petroglyphs interesting, however, so I thought this site was worth at least a short mention.  Namely, the second picture in the gallery (also the one at the beginning of this post).  There is a triangle with circles at each corner.  That is one I do not believe I have seen at another location yet.  

Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs

Summary:  Easy Access to Trailheads; .5-1.2 Mile Moderate Hike; Numerous Petroglyphs

Directions to the Anasazi Valley Trailhead:  From I-15 Exit 6 turn north on Bluff Street. Turn left on Sunset Blvd. Continue on Sunset Blvd as it turns into Santa Clara Drive. Continue 3.2 miles past the Jacob Hamblin Home as Santa Clara Drive turns into Highway 91.  Turn left onto a gravel road and travel 0.3 miles to the Anasazi Valley Trailhead. (Directions from BLM website)

The Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs are located off of Utah Highway 91 west of St. George, Utah and near Santa Clara and Ivins.  There are two trails that take you there (actually there are more but two trails offer the shorter hikes). The Tempi’po’op Trail from the Anasazi Trailhead or the Tava’atsi Trail.  The Anasazi Trailhead is the best marked and has good parking.  The site and trails are managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  This map (PDF) offers a good over view of available trails, trail lengths and location of the petroglyphs and a prehistoric farmstead located along the Tempi’po’op Trail.  You can read more about the Tempi’po’op Trail at the BLM site.  Tempi’po’op means “rock writing” in Southern Paiute.

Both the Tempi’po’op Trail and Tava’atsi Trail are rated as moderate due to the amount of climb involved and some rugged portions of trail.  The Tava’atsi Trail is steeper as it climbs faster and is the shorter trail.  The Tempi’po’op trail offers a less steep climb and is mostly dirt with some rocks along the trail.  The petroglyphs are numerous and scattered among some rocks west of the trail at the top of Land Hill (what the formation is called) so some rock scrambling will be involved if  you want to get to see as many of the petroglyphs as you can.

If you go, I recommend at least a bottle of water, especially during the summer.  Sturdy shoes are recommended as well but you don’t need hiking shoes.  We’ve taken our younger children and have seen senior hikers there as well but please understand this hike is rated moderate for a reason as noted above.  During the summer morning or evening is the best times to make the hike.

The destination is worth the hike with several interesting petroglyphs present at the site.