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Fremont Indian State Park

DSC_0191.NEFSummary:  The easiest place to see the most petroglyphs in Utah (Main Park and Museum Site)

Directions:  Located off of I-70 on Clear Creek Canyon Road (15 minutes east from I-15) Maps

This is probably the best site in Utah to see petroglyphs and pictographs for those that don’t want a strenuous hike involved.  Yes, there are several petroglyphs to see that you do need to hike to but many are accessible via a short walk near the museum.  The name of the park tells you the name of the primary creators of the petroglyphs found here, the Fremont culture.  This site benefits from a Museum with displays including pottery, baskets, and arrowheads – many artifacts that were uncovered during the excavation of a Fremont village on the nearby Five Finger Ridge.  There are rock art tours and demonstrations as well.

This map shows petroglyph and pictograph locations along Clear Creek Canyon Road.  Note that 4 of the locations are near the museum and require short, easy hikes to get to.  Another site I highly recommend is #9 – Cave of 100 Hands pictographs.  There is an easy hike involved (about .6 miles) but it is worth it.   The trail is relatively flat with packed dirt.  You are rewarded by a cave (recess) with handprints of various colors placed there by the Fremont people.

There are many easy to see petroglyph/pictograph sites in Utah.  What sets this one apart is the number of petroglyphs/pictographs that can be seen relatively easily.  Another bonus, in my opinion, is having a museum to help you understand who the people were that created the rock art.