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Cave Valley – Zion National Park

DSCF1181Summary:  This site is not even mentioned when asking about petroglyphs and pictographs at Zion National Park.  You will not find directions to the site on the internet.  This is a great Pictograph and Petroglyph site.

Directions:  Located off of Kolob Terrace Road out of Virgin, Utah on the west side of Zion National Park.   The site does require parking on the side of the road and going for a hike but if you know where you are going, it is not a difficult one.

As mentioned when I posted about Petroglyphs and Pictographs found in Zion National Park previously, such sites are in the park are closely guarded secrets.  This site does not even have a write-up on the park’s website.  With vague information my family and I were able to locate this site after a couple of hours of hiking and exploring.  There is supposed to be another location with Pictographs and Petroglyphs in the area but I have not yet located them.

I’ll up date this post as I find additional information that I think others will enjoy regarding this site.