Welcome to UtahPetroglyphs.org!

I’ve enjoyed visiting various petroglyph sites in Utah and have many more to visit.  I created this site to share those visits and to create some awareness of what is out there in Utah.

Some petroglyph locations are not well publicized mostly to protect them from those that would harm them in various ways.  Sadly, not everyone is about their preservation for others of multiple generations to enjoy.  However, that also makes it difficult for others who do not know about them to enjoy them properly.

I hope to bring attention to those locations that the public can enjoy and to share pictures and information about some that are not so public.  Don’t expect detailed directions to the locations that are more protected.

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  • Curtis myself and another 62 year old guy will be in southern utah late May is it possible to see the artwork you describe without a five mile hike we can do shorter hikes. From our homes in St Louis don’t get see this type off stuff. I’ll thank you in advance if get time if not don’t worry I’m trying to research it . Thanks Fred

    • Curtis says:

      Sorry to miss this previously, Fred. I’ve been combing over thousands of spam comments (I think I’ve finally found a way to avoid having to do that) and missed your comment. I’m sure you have already come and gone but I wanted to reply in case someone else has the same question. The best place to see Petroglyphs in Utah without having to hike much is Fremont Indian State Park. You can walk around looking at some good Petroglyphs right near the Visitor Center/Museum.

  • Thomas & Laurie Kavenaugh says:

    I have only had a moment to scan your site though I have book marked it for further study. Thank you for the information. While we understand Zions reluctance to reveal Petroglyph Canyon, it seems hardly a secret yet we do not even get a reply when we inquire. Anyway we are hoping to get there in the next couple years. We’ve already been to Buckhorn Wash, Butler Wash, Arch Canyon, Natural Bridge, The Grand Gallery and a nice spot outside Ivins in Utah. We moved to AZ from Ca just to do more of this. If you are interested in sites outside of Utah let me know. Thomas Imderm0t@yahoo.com

    • Curtis says:

      Those most interested in petroglyphs and pictographs are going to find the sites and in most cases will respect them. The times my family has visited Petroglyph Canyon we have been the only ones there. Signage along the road would most likely contribute to more visits and directions provided by Zion National Park would as well but it is not the most convenient spot to check out. I’m of mixed thoughts on the secrecy. Anyone who cares enough to ask about them is probably going to respect them. The ones that abuse such sites I think are most likely the ones that stumble upon them by accident and not the people that specifically seek them out.

      • Thomas Kavenaugh says:

        Hello again,
        Well we did make it to Petroglyph Canyon (The ZION version)
        finally, and while nice I’m not so sure why they keep it secret like the codes to nuclear weapons. Seen far better quality, more numbers in wide open places like Parawan or Little Black Mountain.. The past few months have been spent off and on at Cedar Mesa and Butler Wash tracking down some fabulous ruins and rock art including Roof on Fire and Target/Ballroom. Today we got back from 16 room ruin, Sheiks Canyon and Moon Ruin hikes and leaving in two weeks to revisit Hovenweep Chaco and Salmon ruins. You are right on about watch for road turn outs, another thing to watch for is a fence running right alongside a canyon wall. They are frequently there to protect rock art from cattle.
        Thomas Kavenaugh

  • Thomas Kavenaugh says:

    I had a discussion with a BLM ranger today about that today. The only problem is, I’ve seen sites rattle canned in places that require a 2 or 3 mile hike. I don’t understand it because I’ve also seen sites, like Ivins Utah where there are beer cans and shot gun shells all around and No vandalism.
    Been to a bunch of sites since this discussion, so many more ahead. Take care.

  • cathy says:

    My husband and I have been exploring the different petroglyphs around st George and have been trying to find the ones near the gunlock reservoir. Could you help us with this

    • Curtis says:

      Sorry about the delay in reply (had some technical difficulties). I have not seen the ones near Gunlock and will attempt to locate some information. I have run into pictures but have not found any good directions to where they are.

    • Curtis says:

      The Gunlock petroglyphs appear to be on the right just past the rock dam on the way to Gunlock. There is a turn off to the right just past the dam where some petroglyphs are. Up the road a little ways (about a mile?) right at a curvy road sign is a trail up to the a hilltop that is supposed to have additional petroglyphs. This site is on my list to visit now and I will post about it once I have a better idea of where everything is at and get some better directions.

  • Evan Llewelyn says:

    Go to mile 3 pull over. On the right about 50 ft. Follow the pole line up the hill, to the 1st pole. Go right toward the highway, look around for some Hugh rocks. That is where they are at.

  • John Prodger says:

    Hi, Curtis.
    You may well be my last hope.
    Being from England we don’t get too many ‘Glyphs’ in our neck of the woods. However, my wife and I started coming to the USA several years ago and enjoy some of the great desert walks, especially in Utah. As an enhancement to our walks we started looking out for Petroglyphs, Pictograms and Native American ruins and natural landscape features ie Arches etc and have visited quite a few. My wife is our (excellent) route planner and researches sites she thinks might be good (hasn’t let us down yet) but when we were in Bluff in 2013 we tried to find Big Crane off Butler Wash. We had a lovely day out but didn’t manage to find it, possibly because we didn’t have very good directions.
    We’ve seen some beautiful photographs of it but have not been able to find out exact details as to how to get there (we did get to the Wolfman Panel and that was great)
    We’re not getting any younger and this may well be our last chance at finding Big Crane when we stay in Bluff in September and wondered if you might be able to help.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Kind regards,
    John Prodger

  • J.L. says:

    Going to look for some petroglyphs in Zion soon while my SO is at a canyoneering event. Thank you very much for sharing your information with those of us who have an interest in seeing the petroglyphs and learning more about them. One of our pets is named Petra for petroglyphs! Really hoping to see these sights- nothing like this exists in coastal New England where we live.

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