Petroglyph Park – St. George, Utah

Petroglyph Park 2Summary:  A park short on “park” but two rocks are present with petroglyphs.  City of St. George information.

Directions:  Located in the Bloomington residential area of St. George.  Map link available at City of St. George information link.

There are basically two rocks at this site fenced off with natural foliage on a corner in the middle of a residential area.  You can throw one of your kids from the fence to the rocks on which the petroglyphs can be found (I don’t recommend kid throwing, by the way).  Don’t expect any amenities at this “park”.   I did find some of the petroglyphs interesting, however, so I thought this site was worth at least a short mention.  Namely, the second picture in the gallery (also the one at the beginning of this post).  There is a triangle with circles at each corner.  That is one I do not believe I have seen at another location yet.  

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  • Thomas & Laurie Kavenaugh says:

    There is also nice set of panels outside of Ivins overlooking the Virgin River. I’m not real familiar with the area, a person we ran into took us to them yards off a main road. People use the area for shooting apparently but the glyphs were not vandalized at all. If I ever go back I will get the details

    • Curtis says:

      I’m definitely thrilled about any petroglyphs that I am thus far unaware of. I’ve got a list going of sites I need to see in the immediate area in Washington County.

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